We’re not that cool.

We’re just a neighborhood burger joint. Nothing more, nothing less. We set out to make hamburgers, and wanted them to taste good. Novel idea, right? We figured if our recipes were simple and we used only the best ingredients, you’d get crisp textures, pure flavors, and a burger that’s refreshingly uncomplicated. Turns out, that’s the best way to create a bunch of different meals.

We take common recipes to new heights by crafting them with familiar ingredients sourced specifically for taste. The best part is, these ingredients are often better for you, and the environment too. Burgers with grass-fed beef and free-range turkey, salads featuring organic spinach and mizuna, a cod sandwich that’s sustainably-sourced…the list goes on and on.

An uncomplicated, tastefully-sourced approach is what we’re all about. If it doesn’t taste better, we’re not into it. Call us stubborn, but we think keeping things pure and simple is the best way to serve great food. It’s not always easy, but easy isn’t what we’re here for. We’re here to do a common thing uncommonly well. We’re here to be better.

And sometimes, it’s harder to be better.

Burger Lounge - Doing a common thing uncommonly well.

Things We Know.

This Tastes Like Home.

When you step into Burger Lounge, you’re family. We’re here to ensure you’re taken care of from the moment you sit down, to when you head out the door. Need a refill? We’ll grab it. Want some ketchup? No problem. We want to turn your hunger into happiness.

Simplicity is Complicated.

If you stop and think about it, the best things in life are simple. We tend to agree. Instead of stacking our burgers high, we focus on using fewer, more quality ingredients in creative and thoughtful ways for a unique flavor profile that feels lively and legitimate.

Our Friends Love Food.

We’re always looking for ways to make our food work in harmony with taste and nature. That means finding folks who work just as hard at the process as we do. We’re all about giving credit where credit is due, so transparent sourcing comes natural to us.

Cheaters Never Prosper.

Cutting corners has plagued the burger game for too long. Unless the easy way is the best way, we’re always going to aim higher. In everything we do, we’re striving for perfection and looking to learn along the way. The journey is half the fun.


Sustainable food is great. Sustainable business practices are better.

We Love Trash.

We Love Trash.

Our ultimate goal is to be as eco-friendly as possible. This is the first step. Every piece of to-go packaging we use is either recyclable or made of recycled material. We’re also big into composting unused food as often as possible.

Built It Green.

Built It Green.

MY Studio ID creates our restaurants using their nose for sustainable design. They go above and beyond, sourcing tabletops made from recycled water bottles and other eco-friendly elements for a stylish, welcoming setting.

Move That Bus!

Move That Bus!

The ultimate sustainability play, we convert our used cooking oil to biofuel with the help of New Leaf. This biofuel is used to power diesel engines in everything from delivery trucks to school buses.

Know What You Grow.

Know What You Grow.

Our partners provide us with ingredients grown or raised with the environment in mind. It’s one thing to cook delicious food, but bridging the gap between taste and sustainability is where the real win is at.


In 2007, two San Diego entrepreneurs had an idea. Inspired by their love of food and motivated by a desire to change the way people think about it, they launched Burger Lounge. The ethos is to create a great tasting burger people feel good about eating.

The menu was centered around 100% fresh, American grass-fed beef and organic ingredients. Today, not much has changed. Burger Lounge is a gimmick free, fast casual burger respite where guests enjoy real food, made from whole food ingredients in a modern and comfortable setting.

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